Introducing Miss Grand Canada 2020

Sara Winter from British Columbia is Miss Grand Canada 2020.

While pursuing her bachelors degree, Sara decided to take a risk and pursue golf full-time. Although a late comer to the sport, this past year she partnered with TaylorMade Canada, allowing her to grow her brand and create a clothing company called By Sara Winter, where she raises funds for various charities. As a female in a male dominated sport, she hopes to continue empowering women and increasing the inclusivity on a national scale. Sara advocates for addiction awareness and speaks at elementary schools on the importance of goal setting. Sara believes everyone should have opportunities to pursue their dreams because we all deserve equality.

As a professional golfer Sara wants to continue to empower women and increase inclusivity on a national scale. Sara will continue speaking at elementary schools and opening workshops across canada teaching the importance of goal setting and allowing everyone a chance to not only pursue golf but any sport they dream of pursuing, because we all deserve equal opportunities, regardless your gender, race, or privilege.