Introducing Miss Grand Canada 2022

Mildred Rincon
Calgary, Alberta

Mildred was born in Colombia where she resided until the age of 8. Her family was sponsored by a local church in Regina Saskatchewan, where Mildred got to see snow for the first time and learned to speak English. For the past 7-year Mildred has be able to work as a model and has been involved in some amazing projects, such as Vancouver fashion week and future ocean. Art is away of expressing oneself and the reason why Mildred was determined in obtaining her diploma in graphic design and hopes to enroll in to Mount Royal University to obtain degrees interior and Architectural design.

Mildred’s ‘HOUR FUTURE’ is her Charity Platform which works with local charities to help children who are living in poverty. In accordance W.H.O. (World Health Organization), approximately 15,000 children go hungry each day. That means each hour 625 children go without food. Our future (spelt ‘HOUR’) capitalizes on the importance that we minimize hungry children each and every hour of the day. In Canada, 1.3 million children live in conditions of poverty most of the children that are affected are indigenous, immigrant, and single parents.